HTML 500 error while viewing reports – IIS 7.x

A while back when I blogged about the same error was running a software report which returns more than 4000 records will show me the error as below.


There isn’t any aspbufferinglimit in Metabase.xml in IIS 7.x anymore. We can increase the buffer limits in IIS Management Console.

Here’s how:

1. Launch IIS Management Console, Locate ASP and double click to open ASP feature


2. Expand Limits Properties, then locate Response Buffering Limit

3. Change the number of Bits to your desired number.


4. Click Apply on the right pane.

5. Restart IIS services and re-run the report again.


Example MB to B conversion for your referral:
4MB = 4194304
6MB = 6291456
8MB = 8388608
10MB = 10485760

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