HTML 500 error while viewing reports

One of the situation that I encountered was running a report – Software – Companies and Products from SCCM, I hit with HTML 500 error.

By default, IIS configuration is set to display up to 4000 records only.

To increase the limit, first step I have to stop IIS service. Then, I have to change Metabase.XML file at %windir%\System32\InetSrv folder. Search for AspBufferingLimit=”4194304” (which is the default value when you installed IIS). The value is in Bit. Change it to a bigger number as desired. Save it, then Start IIS service.

The report is showing all data now Smile


Some conversion for your referral:
4MB = 4194304
6MB = 6291456
8MB = 8388608
10MB = 10485760

  1. November 14th, 2012

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