Failed to start W3SVC. Error code 0x80070424

I has a problem to start IIS default web site service after IIS installation. After checking ASPNETSetup_00000.log file, I found there’s problem to restart W3SVC service. I checked in Services.msc and found that World Wide Web Publishing Service was missing even though I checked to install at Windows Component.

The solution for my case:

  • Go to Registry
  • Expand and look for HLKMSOFTWAREMICROSOFTWindows NTCurrent VersionSvcHost
  • Right Click SvcHost and select Permission
  • Modify to allow Full Access for Administrators
  • Uninstall and reinstall IIS

It works!

  1. Thanks, it solved a problem I had!

    — Arik

  2. Okay let me post another one that doesn’t sound like spam:

    Thanks! It came up on a google search for W3SVC and the error number, and it happen to hit the exact scenario I had here.

    I would be glad if you could tell how you found the cause.


    — Arik

  3. I found error in ASPNETSetup_00000.log file and couldn’t find World Wide Web Service was installed. Immediately I know it’s due to svchost permission in registry is causing this.

  4. Thanks again!

    — Arik

    • José Luis González
    • May 10th, 2011

    Many thanks for the help, i suspected that this was the problem in my case, i immersed myself in the registry and had changed the permissions on that container, but neither do i left properly install the IIS snap-in, the problem in my case was that there was a policy to prevent actions of the conficker worm ( changed again the permissions when i returned to the registry and saw that the change that i had done didn’t like it i realized that politics was returning back. Be attentive to that for not going crazy.


    • Ernesto
    • May 1st, 2012

    thanks a lot from venezuela

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